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    Persistence is Key to Becoming a Work at Home Mom 

    To develop a business in which you can work from your home, consistency is the key. Once you know what to do, the next step is to do it. Do it better, do it more and do it over and over if that is necessary. These are the keys to success when you need to work from home.

    A few weeks ago, I was listening to a Pastor on television, who I’d never heard of before, explain that the book of Proverbs is important and relevant to our lives in current times. He suggested that the book of Proverbs has 31 chapters because we all need wisdom and there are a maximum of days in a month. This allows for you to read one chapter each day. He reminded us that God gave Solomon, the richest, wisest king wisdom first. God granted Solomon wisdom first and everything else next. The book of proverbs is full of wisdom.

    What is wisdom? The Bible says that a wise person leans not to their own heart but tries to really understand.

    One of my favorite nuggets of wisdom I discovered is Proverbs 20:4 (KJV)

    “The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing.”

    This is such a true and timely statement. There are many people who argue about this point, whether hard and diligent work, will get you where you need to be. When reading Proverbs 20:4, it is evident to me that God’s word foretells that even if you have a good reason not to work hard (it’s cold); when you need something later, you might not have it if you don’t do what you was supposed to. When you work from your home, this is especially applicable.

    My personal opinion on other people is this: if God told you not to do something, then don’t do it. BUT, don’t not work hard (without consulting God) and then be surprised when you don’t have the result you want.

    How does this relate to being a WAHM?

    If you need to work from home, you should know that success will be gained if they work hard. Plow in the snow by doing things that push you a little out of your comfort zone if those things are likely to cause you to reap a harvest.

    What Can a WAHM do to achieve her goals?

    • Write 50 things to do to market your newest business.
    • Do some things that are totally outside of the box,
    • Develop a marketing plan
    • Commit to those tasks.
    • Get more intimate with the your vision about being home with my children and working an internet business

    If you need to work from home, click here to get the best and easiest method of making money while you work from your home.

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    Moms Can Definitely Earn Incomes at Home 

    The goal of WAHM Hacks is to inspire and motivate moms to make incomes at home. I have personal experience starting several successful work from home businesses over the last 13 years.


    The most recent time I have tried to build a business in which I can make money at home online from home has been the hardest, for several reasons. In spite of the many reasons for me not to work to develop this new business, I have many reasons to develop this business. One of the most difficult things for me is that my time and focus is divided, as I now spend about 40+ hours out of the home. Furthermore, all of my children are in school all day and this means that I don’t have as strong a motivation to build a home-based business.


    Nevertheless, I am still committed to my goal. I believe God gave me this work at home business vision. I believe I’ve been disobedient by failing to even try. I made a work schedule that allots me some time for working each day.


    All moms are pulled in many different directions. In order to build a business that provides income at home home, two things are needed:

    1) A business plan that includes a list of actions

    2) The time and/or money required to implement the actions.


    Maybe some of you are trapped in an abusive situation. Abuse makes business building difficult because your focus tends to be on your children’s safety and/or your own safety. However, building a successful business, particularly one in which you can make money at home online, can provide you with income at home is one way to gain independence and get yourself and your children away from the abusive situation.


    Sometimes, we will put too much on our own plates and then we will feel like failures when we can’t complete all 200 tasks. We have to learn to take “baby steps” toward our goals. We must know that slow and steady wins the race.


    As for me, I have found only 7 hours available each week to work on my home based business. I am committing myself to devoting those hours to working my action plan. In a few weeks, I plan to increase the number of hours to an additional 10 per week. I don’t have a lot of time, but I am committed to at least, working during these times. I am standing on faith that I will harvest an income at home in due time!


    Click here to learn how to make money at home online  so you can achieve your financial goals and have balance in life.

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    Use a Schedule to Achieve Goals in Your Home Business 

    If you need to work from home and start a home based business, the development of a schedule is crucial to your success.  There are a few tips and tricks that can make the development of a schedule that actually works for your lifestyle a reality. The ideal schedule will allow you to balance the needs of working from home with the needs of your children.


    • Determine how many hours you have available to devote to work. You may have priorities other than working that are important to you. When you try to ignore my other priorities, you can end up feeling guilty, which causes me to procrastinate because I end up feeling no sense of purpose to my work, since work at home moms choose to work from home in order to be a good mom.


    • Allow yourself 20% more time than you think that you need to complete the items on your schedule.


    • Start projects before well before they are due.


    • Write your schedule in a manner that mixes fun activities and effort.


    • As soon as new “To Do” tasks come into your life, place them in an appropriate inbox. The inboxes of your life include: a place for postal mail, email, written or electronic calendaring systems. Schedule time for this.


    • Each day, process each items and place it into your written agenda or online calendar. Schedule time to actually organize your “To Do” tasks.


    • Schedule in time for leisure activities. Even if you need to work from home, it’s important to take some time to do things that feed your soul. This could mean taking the time to exercise or taking time to stroll around the neighborhood.


    • Slash and burn activities that you have no time for. Just Say No to certain requests or activities. When you start a home based business you will need to make sure that you have enough time to devote to work related tasks. For this reason, you’ll have to say no to doing certain things.


    • Develop project lists for the areas of your life that have many not so time sensitive projects. You might have a project list for work or for home. Set aside some time to work on these weekly.


    • Find time to work uninterrupted.  Some people work late at night after their children are in bed. Others wake up early in the morning before everyone else in the home wakes up.  Some people work during the day while the kids are at school.


    • Work hours don’t need to be all in one sitting. Many moms find that they have to work in multiple 2 hour increments, rather than a single 6-8 hour stretch, according to the needs of their children.


    • Use one day each week, Sundays as an example, for relaxation and planning for the next week.


    If you need to work from home and want to start a home based business click here to get the best and easiest method of making money while working from home.

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    Use a Schedule to Defeat Procrastination 

    One of the challenges in running a home business can be solved with utilizing time management for mothers.


    Time management for mothers requires the use of a schedule that you commit to. This is also an effective way to stop procrastination.  To make a schedule that works for the many demands placed on you as a working mom, your schedule will need to allow time for work and home and also include planning activities. You will need 2 schedules: a static one for all of the activities that are regular and you will also need to allow time for the planning portion to complete tasks that change all the time, but take up a substantial amount of time.


    • Create a static schedule for the routine tasks in your business and home that must be done regularly. When you’re running a home business a schedule that is static, or one that never changes, is necessary.


    • Schedule in blocks of time to work on irregular but outside of your regular tasks.


    • Within the blocks of time that you work, allow time for routine tasks and project based and other predictable, non routine activities, enter these into the planning system.


    • Having a detailed schedule will allow you to sit down and begin working without thinking, which will help to fight procrastination.


    • Strongly consider leaving your home to work.  As a work at home mom, you might be better able to work at a library or a Starbucks than at home with your children. The great thing about being a work at home mom is that you can simply be 5 minutes from home and be home at a moments notice. Time management for mothers sometimes involves stepping out of the home for awhile to get things done.


    • Batch your work, this leads to greater efficiency. Batching means o to multiple of similar activities at the same time.


    • Most of all, follow your schedule no matter what.


    • When you are working, work. Running a home business is possible when you practice time management for mothers.


    Click here to learn how to earn money while working from the comfort of your own home. This work at home system promises passive income.


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    Anxiety Can Be a Good Thing or It Can be a Bad Thing 

    If you want to know how to start a home based business and how to become a stay at home mom, the good news is, it is possible. The bad news is you’ll have to push yourself to achieve goals and tasks, daily. Having so much to do, plus being responsible for a family can lead to feelings of anxiety.


    When anxiety fuels you to push harder and put in more constructive effort, it is good. But, when anxiety causes you to feel such a fear of failure that you procrastinate and never begin your work, you must take steps to stop procrastination.


    Assuming that you have a schedule and know what needs to be done but are having difficulty getting started doing what needs to be done, here are some tips to avoid procrastination related to stress:


    • Because you are actually working from home, you need to set some limits on interruptions. When you sit down to work, turn off electronic distractions.  TV, internet, phones and email should be set in a manner that you will be alerted. I usually keep my computer off until I have to use it. I do my word processing tasks 1st and my internet based tasks last.  While some people claim that people need to be able to contact them and that is why they need to keep their phone on, this is usually not true.  I have children and my method is that everyone knows where I am, in case of a true emergency.  Everyone is advised to text me to reach me and I do check my texts for emergency message frequently. When you learn how to become a stay at home mom, everyone you know will begin to believe that you are home and available to talk on the phone or run errands for them. .


    • When you sit down to work, use the “time boxing” method. Don’t get emotionally attached to the outcome, but simply commit to working for a certain amount of time. Whether you’re trying to start a home based business or achieve any other goal that seems insurmountable, this technique work.


    • If you are sitting down to work and can’t come up with the activity that you need to do, just work on the problems or project for 30 minutes.  Come back later on the same day and work on the problem for 1 hour. Use this time to determine what you need to do to complete the project.  Wait at least 24 hours and come back to the activity.  In the meantime, work on something that isn’t so difficult.


    • If you are having extreme difficulty starting a task, work on another related task. For example if you do not want to start writing for one client, write for another.


    • Commit to starting on every project within 24 hours of it being assigned, if only for 15 minutes.


    There are home based businesses for moms in whom procrastination will not be a problem because the work is so simple and easy. So stop procrastinating now and click here to learn how to start a home based business that can save you both time and help you earn money.

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    Reasons To Develop an Internet Based Writing Business 

    Some moms have a burning desire to make money online fast. Perhaps you have multiple children with lots of activities. For this reason, some moms believe that it’s very important to develop a business that allows them to work at home with 100% flexible hours. Some moms also desire to have a business that has the benefit of being automatically set up to develop passive income. Maybe you have the goal of, first and foremost, to be a present and available mom. These moms envision a life where they can be a mom who picks up and drops off her kids at school, attends their sporting events, volunteers at their school, helps them with their schoolwork and personal problems, cooks healthy meals and keeps a clean, well organized home.

    Other reasons why mothers chose to develop an internet based business is because they do not want to deal staff members. An internet marketing business requires no employees in order to earn an income in the $5,000-$6,000 monthly through nearly passive techniques. These moms truly have an entrepreneurial mindset and believe that with faith and hard work they will have a business that will pay quite well per hour and on an annual net basis.

    Internet marketing businesses including professional blogging provides an excellent way for moms to make money online fast because it allows for an extreme amount of flexibility in their schedule; you get to choose my own work hours, days and times. You can go on vacation, take sick leave or personal time off for yourself or for to meet the needs of your children.

    Consider your reasons for wanting to make money online fast.

    • Perhaps you have debt to pay off. Perhaps you have basic monthly expenses that you need to maintain in order to meet your monthly obligations.
    • Short term goals for work at home moms.
    • Long-term financial goals.
    • As a professional internet marketer, mothers can further continue to focus on other goals related to quality of life.
    • Being a good homemaker is an important goal – this goal may be more important than making vast amounts money. Running an internet based business may be the perfect way to put your goals in the right order. You’ll have time for both home activities as well as income based activities.

    Learn to make money online fast and start your new life today as a work at home mom by clicking here.

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    Work at Home Mantra: Never Stop Learning 

    There are many work at home jobs for moms who want to start a home based business. Indeed, running a successful business is a lifelong dream for many people. Yet, working from home has some inherent challenges, such as less access to professional development within your field. Even if you’re well established in your field, it’s important to continue to stay abreast of the current happenings in your field. Likewise, it’s important to continue to improve yourself professionally.


    It’s easy to live in an insulated and isolated world when you work from home. Your world can consist solely of taking care of your children and working at home.


    Even a work at home mom should participate in continuing education to improve herself and her marketability.


    Let’s say you’re past the point of thinking that you want to start a home based business and have already developed a successful business. It’s still important to continue to improve. This is the only way that you can assure that your business will continue to thrive in the face of ever-changing market conditions. The activities that you chose to do should improve your profit margins, by improving marketability) or should increase your productivity.


    Take a free online typing course

    If your business involves data entry or typing, this can help you to get more work done faster. Speed is especially important for work from home jobs for moms because their time spent on business tasks tends to be limited due to the demands of the children.


    Purchase an e-book on how to make more money

    This is only effective if you put the information taught into practice!


    Read a print book on how to improve your business

    There are several books written related to your field, no matter what it is. There are books on how to run a home based child care business, books on how to make money online, books written on how to be a better real estate salesperson, etc. The books you read do not have to be based on a work at home model, either, in order to be valuable.


    Attend a 1 day conference

    These may require you to pay a fee, but if you put the material you learn into practice, you will improve your marketability and profits.


    Go on a business trip related to your business

    You can learn a lot by going to a conference that lasts several days.


    Take classes at the community college related to your field

    Typically, these classes take 4 months or so to complete and may not be offered online, but if they allow you to earn a new certification or designation, then the time spent will pay off by improving not only your knowledge base, but by improving your professional image, which you can leverage to market yourself to new clients.

    Network with others in your field of business

    No matter what field your business is in, there is enough business to go around! Networking will allow you to meet other people to share information with that will help both of you to make money. The people you network with may not have a business model exactly like yours, but even if they operate their business a little differently, you can develop a mutually beneficial business relationship.

    There are many work from home jobs for moms that will allow you to enjoy professional growth while being available for their children. Click here to get the best and easiest method to start a home based business.

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    There are many reasons that motivate those moms who want to work from home. Whether you need to work from home in an online business or in a business that involves meeting clients in person, rather than online, the reasons often boil down to other people, namely our children.

    20 Reasons to Work from Home

    1. To be home to provide material things that your children need
    2. To have the time to attend Church, study the Bible and teach my children about God
    3. To have the time to cook or provide healthy meals for my children
    4. To have time to be a good homemaker
    5. To have time to balance the checkbook, pay bills and run an organized household
    6. To have the extra time to spend just hanging out with your children / family
    7. To be able to attend your children’s school and sports events
    8. To be able to physically care for the children that God entrusted to you to. To thank God for my family giving by taking good care of them
    9. To be available for relatives when they have needs
    10. Keep your focus upon the needs of your family in your home, rather than on co-workers.
    11. Because being a homemaker is joyful
    12. Because it’s important not to compromise on your most important core values. If these include being available to your children all of the time, do it
    13. Because sleep is imperative and is easier to achieve when working from home, rather than balancing the needs of the family with the needs of the job and the need to sleep
    14. 14.  Because if you love life and want to live an abundant life, you have to work hard to achieve the life that you want. If you want to work at home, you can create the life that you want to lead
    15. Because the teachings of Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 resonate within many women and compel them to seek out an alternative to working the standard 9-5 job while placing their children in daycare. Many women who have tried to balance the needs of traditional work with the needs of children have found that they actually need to work from home
    16. Because children are a blessing from God, as is the ability to be able to earn an income from home. When you get a blessing, it’s important to take advantage if it
    17. Because running a business from home and being available for your children is as fulfilling as a prestigious or glamorous career
    18. Because as children get older, they need their parents to stay involved even more
    19. Because even the children who don’t seem to “need” their mothers often do
    20. Because we all know that little children want their mamas so much that if you ask them, they’ll still frequently requests your physical presence

    Consider your own goals and reasons for working at home. Write your own manifesto to remind you of the reasons why this goal is worth working toward. As my mama said, “Anything worth having is worth struggling for.” Figuring out which work at home business is best for you can be the most difficult part of deciding to work from home. However, once you’re committed, all you need to do is to work your plan. Keep your reasons for working at home at the front of your mind.

    Click here if you want to work at home or need to work from home in order to fulfill your goals. Working from home in a successful online business will allow you to achieve your financial goals and achieve balance in life.

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    6 Productivity Hacks for WAHM’s 

    In the midst of the busy life that Work at Home Mom’s lead, it is imperative to learn how to make the most of your time. This is because, for most moms who want to work from home, time is at a premium. That is, we do what we do because we don’t want to spend all of our time working. Let me take this a step further and say that most of us probably want to, or need to, spend as little time working as possible, especially if your goal is to make money online now.


    In order to make our limited time as productive as possible, we have to learn how to get the most out of our time.


    6 Ways to Make Sure That Your Time Spent Working at Home is Productive


    1. Create a dedicated work space

    A dedicated work space doesn’t have to be a formal home office. However, the work space needs to have a comfortable place to sit, preferable with back support. The tools that you need should be within arms reach. This could be paper, pencil, computer, coffee, light, music, paper files or whatever else is needed. The bed where you sleep is not a good place to work, even if it is very comfortable.


    2. Carve out regular work hours

    Regular hours does not mean traditional hours. Some people prefer to stay up late after the children are in bed to get their work done. Others, such as myself, prefer to wake up early to work. If you have young children at home with you while you work, you may need to work while they nap. Whatever work hours work the best for your situation, make sure that you use that time to get work done. Don’t use your precious work hours to clean the house or pay bills. While those things need to be done, they do not need to take place during your work time.  If you want to work from home, you need some structure to your daily schedule, at least with regard to work.


    3. Write down what you need to do before you sit down and do it

    Before you end your work day, plan what tasks that you need to work on the next day. Make a list. The list can be written on paper or saved on your phone. Knowing exactly what needs to be done before you begin is one of the best ways to assure that your time spent at work is productive. The best way to make money online now is by knowing exactly what tasks you need to do in advance.


    4. Set the mood for working

    Different things work best for different people. Some people get their best work done when it is silent. Other people do well when they listen to hard core Rap or Rock music to get their creative juices flowing. Some of my most productive work has occurred with a television show on in the background- just don’t chose one that grabs your attention; re-runs are best.


    5. Set up your computer screen to avoid distractions

    Open up a full screen version. Turn off email alerts. Turn off your phone, or at least turn in down. If you need to refer to paper documents while you work, use one of those devices that allows you to hang the page on a clip right next to your screen so that you don’t constantly have to fiddle with the paperwork as you type. If you have to flip between multiple screens on your computer, open up 2 screens at once so that you don’t have to keep going back and forth. Saving a click here and a click there will save you time in the long run.


    6. Take breaks when needed

    Work hard, then take a break. If you have small children at home, they can only go without mom’s full attention for so long. If you are only partially productive all day long because your constantly children need you, you may enhance your productivity by stopping work to see what they need, addressing the need, spending some time with then and then going back to work. Taking breaks is also helpful to rejuvenate your mind. It’s ok to work, or “grind hard”, and then to stop for a bit to clean up for 15 minutes, or to go outside for awhile.

    If  you want to work from home and make money online now click here to learn how you can work from home and achieve your financial goals and balance in life.

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    Productivity and Systems for Work at Home Moms 

    Profitability and systems are requirements to be able to make money at home, online or in a traditional business. When you work from your home, these are the keys to profiting in all work at home businesses. In order to get the most from your time, you need to spend your time being productive.


    Productivity itself is enhanced when you use systems. Sometimes, though a work at home mom can feel too rushed to even take the time to create systems or she can feel too rushed to even measure her productivity.


    An important adage that applies to all businesses including home based businesses is:


    “Start with the end in mind”


    Because you have a vision of having a successful business, it’s important to visualize the point in your business when you’ll be too busy with other things that you may not have as much time to devote to the basic necessary components. When you get to this point, and you will, you will NEED systems.


    So, take some time to develop them early. Sometimes, a business owner will think to herself that she doesn’t need to systemize her business because she never sees a point in which she’ll hire anyone else to help her.


    From experience, I can tell you that waiting until the time when you are so busy that you need systems and need to hire help to assist you will be too late to develop systems without compromising productivity. Even when you work from your home, it’s important to be aware that a time may come when your business will grow and you will want or need to hire help.


    Systems include things such as:


    • Checklists
    • Blurbs you can copy and paste
    • How to manuals or guides
    • Organizing your related documents in an easy to access electronic format (this is especially important if your goal is to make money at home online)
    • Cheat sheets with all of your related logins and passwords
    • A paper based file system with the documents that any governmental entity may need to access. This could be licensing, IRS or tax related documents, etc. In some cases, this can also be stored electronically.


    Take the time to track the amount of time you spend doing tasks related to your business. This can also help you to make sure that the time you spend is productive. Keep a written log of how long it takes you to do the tasks related to your business.

    Consider the following examples:

    • If you are a work at home real estate agent, each day, you have to spend some time searching for listings. Track the amount of time it takes you each day to research the soon to expired listings on the MLS and create personalized marketing materials.
    • On the other hand, if you work at home as a child care provider, each day you have to (or should) take a quick look at the areas of your home that licensing has access to and make sure that everything is set up in a way that licensing deemed is safe.

    Only through tracking your activities, your time spent and the recording the steps you took can you work toward eventually being able to do these things faster and faster.

    If you want to make money at home online and start your new life as a work at home mom click here today to learn about a passive income system that allows you to  work from your home.


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